What you need to know about CRM dashboards?

Technology for customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial for managing sales workflows, driving marketing campaigns, monitoring customer interactions, and other key corporate operations. As a result, the CRM database has a vast amount of data about your company and its clients.

It can be challenging to use the data in your CRM system to uncover useful insights. CRM dashboards can help with that.

One of the most crucial features of strong CRM software UAE is the dashboard. We’ll dig further into CRM dashboards in this post and discuss how they can help your business.

What is a CRM dashboard?

CRM dashboards offer a centralized view of your sales activities, performance indicators, target progress, and other KPIs in real-time. In a CRM dashboard, visual components like charts, graphs, tables, and gauges can transform your customer data into a trustworthy, usable tool for wise decision-making.

For example, CEOs, sales managers, account executives, marketing departments, and customer service representatives can all benefit from this visual tool.

CRM reports or dashboards give businesses and organizations the ability to comprehend and monitor the many aspects of their customers’ behaviors, reactions, demands, and needs. They can lay down specific objectives and use visual aids like graphs or charts to make progress toward those goals. Numerous CRM software packages each have unique characteristics of their own.

Benefits of CRM dashboards

The ability to manipulate your data in nearly any way you can think of is the evident advantage of a CRM dashboard. You can monitor performance from many perspectives and delve into the metrics that matter most using CRM dashboard capability. A CRM panel can be used for a variety of less obvious functions as well, including:

Quick updates.

CRM dashboard refreshes in real-time depending on changes in your data, unlike CRM reports, which are static documents. So you always know the information is up-to-date.

Constant strategic analysis

CRM dashboards give a clear picture of the situation at any given time—and where the sales team should concentrate their efforts—which can improve overall sales success.

Improved team coordination

Every team member has access to the information they need to stay on track through a CRM panel without having to navigate the CRM solution or dig through a pile of information.

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Why should you customize your CRM dashboards?

The majority of contemporary CRM software packages allow you to design your CRM dashboards because every organization is different. With customization, you have more freedom to emphasize the data that matters to you and arrange it how you like. Moreover, you can build detailed data visualizations, and drill down to the information you need to see.

Improved analysis:

With the use of custom dashboard widgets, you may view data at any time for a more detailed understanding of sales activity, pipeline status, sales projections, and target progress.

Enhanced data filtration

The usability of your CRM panel can be greatly improved by adjusting the data that is displayed there. For instance, you may filter your sales data to display the volume of closed deals by team, person, or location. Against evaluating success by team, person, or location, you may compare actual sales figures to revenue targets.

Clear display of important data

The structure of your CRM panel and the kinds of data that are shown may both be customized. To make it simple to see the most crucial facts, you can resize or alter the order of the dashboard widgets.

Visualization of versatile data 

The visual representations of CRM data in a custom dashboard can take the form of bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, tables, and style gauge charts. As a result, you are free to select the graphic design that best suits the facts you are examining.

Get started with the Emerald CRM dashboards

Important CRM Reports to Increase Sales

The marketing coordinator and managers can check the reports and performance of each sales executive. They can assess how well they handled and converted each lead into an opportunity that resulted in a final sale, depending on the user role and the accessibility granted by the admin. You may quickly view a list of all your clients and the products they have purchased from you.

Get a fast overview of all the yearly trends in product sales. To increase your revenues and market effectiveness, you need also to manage your expenses and the money the marketing team brings in. You may gain an advantage over your rivals by giving your clients and consumers superior customer service with the aid of CRM software in the UAE.

Receive reports on:

  • Research Report
  • Each salesperson’s performance
  • Customer Behavior
  • Closed Information
  • Login times for every user.

You may use colors wisely on the Emeralds Sales CRM dashboard to help the eyes swiftly identify and integrate information from your boards. There are several visualization options available to customize the dashboard to individual preferences, including Gantt charts and Kanban columns. Alternative visualizations can also be in the form of timelines, workflows, and maps. Additionally, there is a tonne of widgets.

The shareability of Emerald’s CRM software for small businesses is a significant component. From their laptops and phones, teams can access the portions of it that have been authorized by their managers. They can interact with one another, post comments, edit data, and get both automated and direct notifications.


There is no competition if you want to become truly inventive, create a sharp service that precisely meets the needs of your audiences, and streamline your customer-centric operations.

To deliver a single, unified view of every customer, Emerald is the only CRM solution that provides powerful customization on a shared data platform. Their streamlined, extensible platform unites cross-functional teams for better decision-making and a continuous end-to-end consumer experience.

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