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Customer relationship management (CRM) is the key competitive strategy businesses need to stay focused on the needs of the customers. By using CRM software, businesses are trying to get closer to the customer so that they can create long-term relationships. It is said it takes up to five times more money to acquire a new customer than to get an existing customer to make a new purchase. Hence, customer retention is in particular important to every business because of their resources and competition. Moreover, a dissatisfied customer causes market damage because they are more likely to defect to competition and more likely to persuade others to defect.

Some potential benefits of CRM are as follows:

  • • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • • Higher customer profitability
  • • Creation value for the customer
  • • Customization of products and services

Here are a few functionalities in CRM:

  • • Contact Management
  • • Calendar Integration with reminders
  • • Task Management
  • • Mobile Access
  • • Custom Reporting
  • • Quotes Management

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You can use CRM software for small business as well as a large scale business and it will help you build a satisfied customer base and help you take your profits to the next level. We are CRM Software dealer, providing CRM Solution Dubai, CRM Solution UAE, along with other management software solutions. As a CRM solution provider company in Dubai, UAE, we provide additional support and services with annual maintenance checks for our customers.

Latest Customer Management Software for UAE

Elate CRM is the best software for handling all your customers the smart way. This software is can track and notify you about various follow-ups, proposals and the quotations that you need to send to all your customers along with the services that need to be given throughout the day/week. The Software creates all the required documentation such as proposals and the quotations that need to be sent to the clients and the new leads. Automatic Quotation generated will follow the company standards and will give your business a better impression on your clients.

Intelligent Customer Handling solution

It is time to upgrade the way you handle and interact with your customers with the help of a computer. In the digital age, if you want to race ahead of your competitors, you can harness the power of the computer and digital power. With the help of the CRM software, you have the power to do things faster and better. Manage all your sales executives and track their activities throughout the day and their sales record. You can assign clients and duties for the day through the system. Customer Relation Management will help you keep in touch with all your customers and never let you

Smart Sales Management Software

Elate CRM gives you the advantage over your competitors with:

  • • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • • Higher customer profitability
  • • Creation value for the customer
  • • Customization of products and services

Here are a few functionalities in CRM:

  • • Contact Management
  • • Calendar Integration with reminders
  • • Task Management
  • • Mobile Access
  • • Custom Reporting
  • • Quotes Management

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Never miss out on enquiries with LEADS module

When you encounter a genuine lead that has the potential for a good business deal, then add them to the lead section. You can assign them to another sales executive who might have thorough knowledge in that sector. Assign a follow-up or schedule your next visit to your client with the Help of Leads Module. All the telephonic enquiries and the leads generated by the presales team can be handled by the system in a systematic manner. There is a possibility of losing good clients due to human ignorance and failure to do a follow-up on them with a better deal. With the Help of CRM, you can handle this occasions with ease. The system will remind and notify the concerned sales executive to do the follow-up for that client in advance. Get Reports on the Leads that are generated on daily basis and the follow-up status of each lead.

Convert Best Leads to Opportunity

Elate CRM helps you to color-code all your leads according to their status and interest. You can qualify the best leads to opportunity if you think that they will go ahead with the deals. It is from this opportunity, you can send your first quotations and the pricing plans that you need to give to the client. The Opportunity module will also help you assign the client to another sales support team or a sales executive for further investigation. You have the freedom to schedule and reschedule meetings and services according to the availability of the client and sales executives. Our add-on feature can show you which sales executive has handled the client previously and which sales executive is free in that schedule to meet and interact with the client.

Business Proposal Generator Module

With the help of the Proposal module, you can create proposals on the go according to the company standards and template. We will help you design a template for your business organization to get uniformity in the proposals sent.

You can refer to past proposals that you have sent to the client and revise the pricing and discounts. This will help you to close the deal and also manage the proposals that was created and sent.

An Add-on feature that comes along with the Elate CRM is the request for approval. This mechanism will ensure that all the leads and quotations that are generated by the sales executives are genuine and not created to increase their performance rating. The manager of the sales executives can check all the proposals before they are sent to the client. This feature can be disabled or enabled at any time. The manager can monitor all prices that are quoted and the products that are being given in advance, to cross-check with the proposals and the deals.

Do Follow-up on point.

Whether it be maintenance or servicing, Follow-Ups can remind you of all the maintenance and the servicing that needs to be carried on in advance. This will help you to retain clients and send a message to your customers that you care for them. This customer relationship software gives you the tools to maintain and grow a trustworthy bond between you and your clients. Elate CRM is capable of sending emails to you and your clients regarding the impending maintenance and the service that will happen in the day.

Get insightful sales Reports

All the records and the reports condensed into a few graphs that will give you a quick idea of all the major events and the sales happening in your organization. These reports can be customized according to the company’s requirements. With the help of these reports, you can view the performance of all your sales executives by the end of the day. You can also look at the leads generated, leads converted to opportunities and the performance of the company in the past month or year. These reports will help you to make better decisions for the company and the source of your major leads.

CRM with Easy Access.

CRM Software Training

Elate CRM is a cloud-enabled application that will help you to easily access the CRM with your mobile devices, laptops or desktops. The CRM Cloud application is secure to use and can help you to remotely operate all the schedules of your sales executives and client meetings. This also gives a graphical reports of all the activities that have been carried out and the sales that have been done so far.

Define Roles and Role Security.

Elate CRM Helps you to define each person’s role in the company and the level of access that he has for the software. The roles can be defined basically during the time of implementation and then can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Each person’s seniority and the data that he is entitled to access can be mentioned individually or as a group. The senior or the top roles has the complete control of the software while the executives can have access to the data that they have the permission to.

Manage your Sales Executives the Smart way.

Having trouble managing your executives and their daily routine? Cannot schedule meetings due to the unavailability of the clients or the executives? Giving a client to the wrong executive? Well, you can use Elate CRM to do it the smart way. Elate CRM helps you to see the daily schedule of all your sales executives, their meetings, places that they are planning to visit and the clients that they meet. Elate CRM will also show which sales executive has a better relationship with a new client based on their customer base and their past interactions.

This application also has an additional add on that lets the Sales executives to update all their expenses that they bear during business hours like parking tickets, fuel expenses or the hotel reservation that they took. The software will generate the entire record and the expenses undertook by the sales executives at the end of the month.

It is Noted as Best CRM Software for 2019 and its now trending as a Best CRM Software for 2020 in Dubai, UAE

CRM Software FAQ's

Customer Relationship Management system is a software that helps you to maintain better relations with your customers and clients, thus enabling you to grow your customer base even faster and also manage your sales executives in an organized manner.

CRM should be able to maximize the sales of the company and increase good co-ordination between the sales executives and support team to ensure that the clients receive the best service and prompt response.

Once you begin to use the CRM, you will have the power to define the sales workflow for the sales executives and organize them to maximize the deal closure rate. You will find it easy to convert your leads to customers and at the same time ensure that your current customer base is happy with your services.

  • Step 1. Ask for a free trial to see if the CRM suits your business model
  • Step 2. Check out its customization options along with other Addins
  • Step 3. Decide on the Online or Offline version
  • Step 4. User Experience and Ease of Usage
  • Step 5. Sales Executive friendly
  • Step 6. Mobile Version and Desktop version available
  • Step 7. Data security and user accessibility feature

Customer Relationship Management software is an application used by smart companies and business organization to make the sales process faster and efficiently convert more leads to deals. Here are a few benefits.

  • Step 1. Better Leads to customer Conversion
  • Step 2. Customer Segmentation
  • Step 3. Shorter and faster Sales cycle
  • Step 4. Customer Communication
  • Step 5. Team Collaboration
  • Step 6. Customer data and information protection
  • Step 7. Task Management

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