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VAT Calculator

Standard Rate

The UAE applies a 5% standard VAT rate, which is relatively low compared to many other countries. This rate is applicable to most goods and services, including retail products, professional services, and entertainment.

VAT Calculator

VAT Registration

VAT in the UAE requires businesses with an annual turnover exceeding a certain threshold to register for VAT. Registration ensures that businesses can collect and remit VAT to the government. Failure to register or comply with VAT regulations can result in penalties.

VAT Calculator

Input and Output Tax

One fundamental feature of VAT is the ability for registered businesses to claim input tax credits. This means they can recover the VAT they pay on purchases, effectively reducing their overall VAT liability.

VAT Calculator


Not all goods and services are subject to the standard VAT rate. Some items may be exempt from VAT altogether, while others could be subject to a reduced rate or zero-rated. For example, basic food items, healthcare, and education services may fall under these categories.

VAT Calculator

Reverse Charge Mechanism

In some situations, particularly when dealing with imported services or certain high-value goods, the responsibility for reporting and paying VAT may fall on the recipient of the goods or services, rather than the supplier.

VAT Calculator

VAT Return Filing

Registered businesses are required to submit regular VAT returns, typically on a quarterly basis. These returns detail the VAT collected (output tax) and the VAT paid on purchases (input tax) during the reporting period.

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VAT software is a digital tool designed to assist businesses in the efficient and accurate management of Value Added Tax (VAT) processes. It simplifies VAT calculation, reporting, and compliance, helping organizations calculate VAT liabilities, file returns, and maintain records, thereby ensuring adherence to tax regulations and financial accuracy.

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