What Tally customization modules offer

At Emerald, we recognize the significance of preserving Tally' future upgradability. Within a customization initiative, numerous parameters fields, and workflows can be tailored to align with your company's specifications.

tally customization

Invoice customization

The Invoice Customization module offers tailored solutions for invoices, along with customizable features for Packing Lists, Receipt Voucher Formats, and Payment Vouchers.

tally customization

Format Customization

The All Format Customization module encompasses a comprehensive range of options, including Ledger Security Control, Entry Level, and Password Recovery customization.

tally customization

Tally Alerts

With this module, you can stay ahead by managing stock levels, receiving timely reminders, and effectively analyzing profit and loss based on cost centers, ensuring optimal business performance.

tally customization

Tally Connectivity

The Tally Prime Connectivity module facilitates seamless operations with features like Remote Connectivity, enabling Tally access from anywhere, and Label Customization.

tally customization

Tally Reports

The Tally Reports module encompasses crucial functionalities, including Tally Barcode Printing, Reports Customization, and Security Control Customization.

tally customization

Tally Dashboards

Additionally, the module includes features like Deletion Control to enhance data security and Cost Price Hiding for sensitive information management. enhances decision-making.

Custom Tally Prime

Scheduled AutoBackup

Within Tally UAE, the account administrator can configure automatic data backups for the company at designated times and locations through the Auto Backup feature. This essential Tally.ERP 9 module safeguards vital data against power interruptions, data integrity issues, and inadvertent deletions. Ensuring the security and preservation of business data is imperative, warranting prudent measures for its safeguarding. In the barcode printing solution, the item master is updated to include user-defined details such as MRP, expiry date, manufacturing date, and more for each item. Daybook views can be customized based on the required time span, aligning with your preferences.

  • MRP
  • expiry date
  • manufacturing date
  • Daybook views
tally customization
tally customization

Core values

Tailor your existing Tally software to precisely align with your organization's distinct requirements.

  • Data security

    Tally customization in Dubai caters to reports, documents, data entry screens, and integration with other business applications, optimizing operational workflows. Prevent data redundancy and cultivate a system-driven approach for sustained business growth.

  • Evolve business

    Evolving business demands entail process changes, heightened security measures, MIS implementation, multi-level automation, and seamless integration with diverse systems and software.

  • Our engagement

    Our engagement with clients involves a close interaction to grasp their business operations and processes.

  • Analysis result

    Our analysis guides our Tally customization approach, recognizing that each business is unique. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor Tally solutions based on individual business nuances.

  • Do the right thing

    Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. We are admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency.

  • Stronger united

    We’ve created a positive and inclusive culture that fosters open, honest, and meaningful relationships.

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tally customization

Barcode Printing Solution

Access inventory management software for Tally Barcode Labels from us. This facilitates the automated creation of barcodes for stock items. Tally Barcode Printing Software employs an automated approach to generate barcode labels according to the user's preferred style and appearance.

tally customization

Voucher Templates

While users usually input transactions and print vouchers in the default preset format, there are instances when an alternative format is desired. In such situations, the user may need to customize the format to align with specific business requirements. This involves creating a new format tailored to the business needs.

tally customization

Document Attachment

Through the document attachment module, supporting documents can be linked to vouchers and accessed directly from the Tally Software Dubai voucher page and reports. Vouchers offer the flexibility to associate various documents, including online ones stored in platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.

tally customization

Daybook Viewing

The Day Book compiles transactions that occurred on a particular day, showcasing the last date a normal voucher was entered by default. Alternatively, it can be configured to display transactions over a designated timeframe, encompassing financial vouchers, reversing entries, and memo diaries.

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Tally with Our Customization Services

tally customization
tally customization
tally customization
Tally Software

Streamline Voucher Approvals with Tally Customization

Prioritize the authorization of vouchers before integrating them into the accounting records. Configure levels and permissions according to transaction type and value. The administrator can establish predefined amounts for user validation and permission. Each stage of the voucher approval procedure allows for essential remarks. Moreover, the authorizer retains the capability to reject transactions that they deem unsuitable for immediate utilization.

Tally Prime

Effortless Data Import with Tally Customization

Tally Prime streamlines data and transaction import from any point within the product, alongside ongoing business data management. Seamlessly import data without navigating away from your current screen. Utilizing the Import Vouchers feature, Tally Dubai facilitates the import of XML-format vouchers. Additionally, Tally Prime Dubai allows for voucher import across different companies.

  • Customized Data Mapping
  • Automated Data Import
  • Data Validation
  • Error Handling
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Security
tally customization
tally customization
tally customization

Why you should consider Emerald

When you choose Emerald Software for Tally customization, you're selecting a partner
dedicated to enhancing your business's financial processes, ensuring data accuracy, and facilitating growth.

tally customization
Report formation

Feel free to present your precise report needs to Emerald. Our proficient team will carefully examine these requirements, conducting a thorough gap analysis between your specifications and the default product capabilities. Once the gaps are identified, we proceed with the Tally customization process accordingly.

tally customization
Tally APIs

Emerald offers API Services compatible with Tally, enabling seamless integration of data from external software, whether on the cloud or local, into Tally. This integration encompasses Masters, Vouchers, and various other actions, ensuring a cohesive data flow between platforms.

tally customization
Tailored systems

Tally customization is facilitated exclusively through Authorized Gold Partners. Emerald maintains close engagement with customers, comprehending their business operations, specific requirements, and processes to implement tailored solutions effectively.

tally customization
Best Accounting

Tally customization entails adapting the Tally accounting software to align with the unique requirements and processes of a business. This encompasses tasks such as introducing new fields, reports, and workflows, as well as integrating Tally with external software applications.

Tally Customization Services

Elevate Through Tally Customization Services

Elevate your Tally experience by tailoring it to match your distinct business demands. Utilize TDL for Tally customization at exclusive rates, offering over 500 ready-to-use Tally TDLs Customized Modules. This dynamic Tally customization software empowers you to adapt, personalize, and optimize Tally software functionalities to align seamlessly with your business requirements.


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Best Tally Customization Services in the Middle East.

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Emerald Softwares' Tally Customization Services have been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in tailoring Tally solutions to our unique needs has significantly improved our financial processes.

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Guy HawkinsBank of America
tally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customization

Working with Emerald Softwares for Tally Customization has made our financial management more efficient and effective.

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Guy HawkinsBank of America
tally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customization

Their commitment to delivering tailored solutions and their deep knowledge of Tally have transformed our operations.

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Guy HawkinsBank of America
tally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customizationtally customization

Their proactive approach and consistent support in customizing Tally have made a significant impact on our business.

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