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Utilize this software to enhance your client relationships. Effectively handle every lead by conducting consistent
follow-ups and generating tailored proposals suitable for each individual client.

CRM software in UAE

Powered by cloud technology

Conveniently reachable through any browser on desktop and mobile devices.

Dubai CRM solutions

Role-based Permissions

Users are granted access solely to company data pertinent to their roles.

Best CRM software for businesses in UAE

Enhanced Efficiency

The system is designed to streamline the workflow of the entire sales team.

Customer relationship management software

Real-time Analytics

Reports are generated from live data accessible through any web browser.

CRM software providers in UAE

Intuitive User Interface

The user-friendly interface ensures a quick learning curve for proficient software handling.

Cloud-based CRM solutions in Dubai

Seamless Integration

This software seamlessly integrates with other available Elate software solutions.

CRM Software Dubai

Benefits of Elate Sales CRM

Emerald's Sales CRM UAE serves as the ultimate tool to streamline customer interactions and amplify your business performance. Its advanced capabilities enable effortless tracking and management of follow-ups, proposals, and quotations, guaranteeing no missed chances to engage with clients. Additionally, the software automatically generates polished proposals and quotations that adhere to your company's standards, leaving a lasting impact. Functioning as a cloud-based solution, Emerald CRM provides adaptable and customizable options for sales, marketing, and support. Through this software, you can optimize business processes, enhance sales, and provide exceptional customer service, ensuring comprehensive business growth.

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Integration with Other Tools
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
CRM software for sales and marketing
CRM software for small businesses in UAE

Core values

The foremost Elate CRM software in UAE offers the capability for enterprises to collaborate effectively with both existing and prospective customers, thereby enriching the customer experience.

  • Designed for Enterprise Use

    Within the realm of business, client data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The enterprise-ready Elate sales CRM ensures the secure and dependable storage of data.

  • Diverse Pricing Strategies

    The finest CRM tool empowers you to maintain intelligent pricing across multiple currencies, offering various rating options tailored to individual customers.

  • Intelligent Communication

    Forge connections with customers through multi-channel functionalities, encompassing email, phone, chat, social media, and in-person interactions.

  • Efficient Contact Management

    In addition to interface customization and other features, the software facilitates the creation of a unified account source with a diverse range of data parameters.

  • Tailored Adaptability

    Elate CRM is adaptable to meet your specific requirements and seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks, Tally, HMRS, and other Elate software products.

  • Attainment of Objectives

    Leverage Elate CRM to design and execute multiple marketing campaigns, each equipped with distinct and well-defined objectives.

Take your sales management
prowess to the next level

CRM for real estate companies in Dubai

Elevate your sales

Present your clients with compelling pitches and elevate your sales, thereby increasing your revenue.

CRM software for banking and finance

Intelligent Installation Tools

The software comes equipped with a smart salesforce system featuring tracking capabilities.

Customizable CRM software in UAE

Nurture Relationships

Strengthen your relationships through personalized invoices and proposals.

Online CRM software in Dubai

Real-time Insights

Access dynamic and current reports detailing your sales and profit data.

The Next-Generation CRM
Powering Sales Performance

Mobile CRM solutions in UAE
CRM software with Arabic support
UAE CRM software for healthcare
CRM Software in Dubai

Transform Optimal Leads into Opportunities

Emerald CRM Software UAE, situated in Dubai, provides a robust solution to transform your prime leads into invaluable opportunities. Our software simplifies the process of color-coding and categorizing leads based on their interest level and current status. This empowers you to swiftly recognize and qualify the most promising leads with the highest likelihood of turning into successful transactions.

CRM Software in UAE

Make Profits with Elate Sales CRM

The CRM Interface offers a transparent display of crucial statistics and graphs, empowering sales representatives and receptionists to operate effectively and attain sales objectives. The CRM software in Dubai aids in the structured upkeep of customer records, while also prompting communication via emails, calls, texts, and social media. Employing top-tier CRM software for enterprises, irrespective of their scale, guarantees robust customer relationships, enhances brand recognition and worth, cultivates contented customer foundations, and propels profits to unprecedented levels.

CRM software for education sector in Dubai
CRM for retail and e-commerce businesses
Dubai nonprofit CRM solutions

Why you should choose Emerald

Elate CRM from Emerald empowers businesses with robust customer relationship management, driving growth
through smart sales automation and comprehensive insights.

Cloud-based CRM for startups in UAE
Valuable insights

Offers comprehensive insights into various facets of your company's operations.

CRM software for insurance companies
Easy interface

Incorporates a user-friendly built-in interface.

CRM for government organizations in Dubai
Customer database

Establishes a centralized customer database.

Dubai CRM for legal and professional services
Sales & marketing

Enhances comprehension of sales, marketing, and customer service.

CRM Dubai

Lead Management Solution

Keep track of all leads generated by sales executives to monitor potential customers and their pertinent information. This segment enables you to log particulars like product preferences, price expectations, and customization needs. Allocate leads to the right team members or sales executives for subsequent follow-ups and negotiations. Fresh leads stemming from sales and marketing units can be advanced to opportunities contingent on their interest in your product or service. Evaluate executive efficacy through lead reports. This adaptable software proves ideal as a CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses.




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Cloud CRM for manufacturing in UAE
CRM software for telecommunications industry
CRM for hospitality and tourism in Dubai
CRM for logistics and shipping companies
Bessie Cooper
CRM software for construction industry in UAEDubai CRM for IT and technology businessesCRM for automotive industry in UAECRM software for healthcare providers in DubaiCRM for real estate agencies in UAE

Best Sales CRM Software in Dubai for Small Businesses

CRM software for trading and import-export
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CRM for advertising and marketing agencies in DubaiDubai CRM for food and beverage industryCRM software for non-government organizations in UAECRM for educational institutions in DubaiCRM software for customer support and service in UAE

Great team and support services for sales crm from Emerald Softwares

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No matter if you're situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any location across the UAE, Emerald provides top-tier CRM solutions through Elate CRM. Tailored for businesses of all scales, our esteemed CRM Software in Dubai awaits to showcase its prowess. Request a complimentary demo now to personally experience its capabilities!

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Emerald Sofwares' CRM Software is a game-changer for customer management. It streamlines interactions and boosts productivity, making it a must-have for businesses.

CRM for property management in Dubai
Guy HawkinsBank of America
CRM software for finance and accountingCRM for banking and financial institutions in UAEDubai CRM for retail and e-commerceCRM software for manufacturing and productionCRM for law firms and legal services in UAE

The CRM Software from Emerald Sofwares is a powerful tool for maintaining strong customer relationships. It's user-friendly and offers valuable insights for business growth.

CRM software for healthcare and medical clinics in Dubai
Guy HawkinsBank of America
CRM for educational institutions in UAECRM software for customer service and helpdeskCRM for property and real estate agencies in DubaiCRM software for insurance and financial services in UAEDubai CRM for hospitality and hotels

Emerald Sofwares' CRM Software simplifies customer engagement. It's a versatile solution that empowers businesses to nurture leads and enhance customer satisfaction.

CRM software for telecommunications and IT services
Guy HawkinsBank of America
CRM for logistics and shipping companies in UAECRM software for construction and engineering firms in DubaiCRM for automotive and automobile industry in UAECRM software for healthcare and medical facilities in DubaiCRM for educational institutions and universities in UAE

With Emerald Sofwares' CRM Software, managing customer data and interactions becomes effortless. It's a comprehensive platform that drives business success.

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