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Tally is a great tool for managing your finances. It’s free, powerful, and easy to use. However, there are some settings that you can customize that make Tally even more useful. Tally customization is a compulsory requirement for all ERP users. The purpose of customization is to make the system fit your business needs. Along with necessary requirements, thus helping you save costs and time.

Tally customization

This is a process of modifying the software according to the requirements of the client. Also, Tally customization is done by Tally experts and at the Tally development center.

Who needs Tally customization?

For ERP users customization is a mandatory requirement. It enables you to develop additional functionalities and enhance existing ones in Tally. For example, you can create custom reports or dashboards that are not available in the default version of Tally.

Tally customization is a process of making changes to the existing Tally software. It includes adding new features, modifying existing features, deleting redundant configurations, re-engineering processes, etc. These can be particularly done by an expert who has knowledge about ERP system configuration. Especially, if the expert has programming language knowledge used in it.

Tally customization services

Experts provide Tally customization services at very reasonable prices. In order that you can choose from many options available in the market. Especially without worrying about spending too much money on this task. Because they know how important customization services are for you as an ERP user!

Tally customization services are offered by some of the best accounting firms in the world like Emerald Softwares. These companies understand how to help you customize your tally so that it fits your needs and priorities. Providers who provide these services also make sure that your data is secure and accurate so that it’s easy for you to use in future projects.


Tally customization services have many benefits. Customizing your tally means customizing every aspect of it: from its layout to its content (including any documents attached) and even how it looks on screen or paper. This allows you to create a custom solution tailored specifically to your company’s needs and save time by doing this work yourself! It also gives clients peace of mind knowing their data will be secure. Because later down the line there won’t be any errors due to a lack of security measures during the initial setup.

Tally is an accounting and enterprise resource planning application that runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. It provides the business owner with a flexible and robust accounting solution. However, there are times when it may require customization to meet specific requirements.

The first step in this process is to understand your organization’s needs so that you can find solutions that work best for you and your team members. Tally has many features, but not all of them will be necessary or even possible for your company’s needs at any given time; therefore, it’s important to identify what features are most relevant in order to make sure they get used effectively by everyone involved in running daily operations at work.

Reasons for Customization

All business users should have the option to customize their Tally and make it their own. Tally customization is a must for all business users, as it ensures that you’re getting the most out of your existing software by making it easy to use and understand.

There are many reasons why you should customize a Tally. Satisfy your business needs. Customizing can help you meet specific goals and objectives, such as increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, or improving the quality of work. It can also help improve customer satisfaction by helping customers understand what’s expected from them and how they fit into the process of completing their project(s).

Experts in Tally customization are the ones you need to look for. They have a deep understanding of the system and its features, which they use to create custom reports as per your requirements. The reports can be in any format that you want including PDFs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Tally Customization Process

This process is down to four steps:

  • Configuring the Base Template
  • Customizing the Account Fields
  • Creating Site Content and Pages
  • Implementing Your Changes by Applying Them To Your Website (Optional)

Once everything has been set up properly then it’s time for one final step where we will apply everything we made to our website using our tools called “Tally Tools” which allows us easily import new templates without having any knowledge about coding whatsoever! If you need to customize your existing Tally Software, we will install our Customization Tools (i.e. TDL Compiler) in your system so that we can make the required changes in future without physically visiting your office.

Tally customization services and integration

At Emerald Softwares, we provide services in Tally customization and integration. Moreover, we can customize the tally to your business needs, integrate it with other software and customize the look of the tally according to your business requirements.

We offer customizations that can make a difference in how you operate, including:

  • Integrations with other software applications
  • Business intelligence tool
  • Mobile reporting

You can customize your Tally system to fit your business needs. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your Tally integration.

Where can I get Tally customization services?

Tally customization services can be got from Tally partners. Partners of Tally are certified by Tally and have a good track record of providing Tally customization services.

Our Tally customization services ensure that all clients get the most value for money from our goods. At Emerald, our Developing Unit works extensively on several projects. Additionally, we produce some general modules commonly required by all industries. Our module's change and updation happen on a regular basis to reflect the current business culture, accounting, and situation. Basically, these Module modifications are files that are in implementation into your Tally Bahrain Systems. These Module designs meet unique financial management structures and general accounting criteria.

Emerald software provides the best tally customization and integration in Dubai and across UAE. Contact us today to personalize your Tally software.


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