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Tally ERP 9 Latest Version 6.6 | Tally Prime Dubai, UAE

Tally UAE - Tally ERP 9 Latest Version 3.0 | Tally Prime Dubai, UAE, Oman

Tally.ERP 9 is designed keeping in mind the day of a business owner. It simplifies business processes such that managing them is easy and effective. Designed with the principles of simplicity, flexibility, and reliability, Tally Software seamlessly adapts to your business environment and scales itself as your business grows. The strong capabilities of the product are further enhanced through regular product updates that provide the latest Tally UAE technology and powerful connectivity services to your business.

Tally Prime Software for Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Oman.

Tally Solution Mena officially Launching TallyPrime 2020 Software in Dubai, UAE on 9th Nov 2020 (Tally Prime Launching Date/release date: 9/11/2020). for best Tally Prime Price Software in Dubai, UAE Feel free to Contact Emerald Global LLC. We allow Free tally prime software download also Tally Prime Demo Download. We are Tally Prime Dealer and Provider in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain and Middle East.

Tally Software Solutions Providers & Tally Gold Partner Dubai, UAE - Tally ERP 9 Dubai is Gold partner & Tally Software provider in the UAE. It has been for 13+ years a leading part of the Tally Partner Network with excellent knowledge and technical experts with efficient, effective services.

Tally Support UAE (United Arab Emirates): +971 58 584 8899 ; Tally dealer in UAE

Tally UAE - Emerald Softwares

Tally Prime UAE Features - Tally Prime Gold

All new TallyPrime is here - more flexible & insightful. It is offering all sorts of business management solutions for VAT, accounting, inventories & ERPs in the UAE.

  • Grand New Look with advanced new user Experience
  • New Menu Driven interface while retaining older keyboard navigation
  • Revolutionary GoTo Button No need to remember which report place: use the new inbuilt search of tally prime
  • Navigate to any report from any screen or any menu
  • Multi-tasking is possible with Tally Prime UAE
  • Manage Simple and Advanced Transaction
  • Super Enhanced Browser Report with lots of features
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Describe Unlimited Groups, Categories, Batches, Locations/Godowns - Inventory Management

If your business has multiple product lines and each product line needs segregation, you can do so easily with Tally Prime by defining infinite groups, categories, batches and locations/Godowns.

Manufacturing Journal

Handling real-time complexities like 'the requirement to buy in one unit and sell in another', 'Stock Items required to be quantified in more than one unit', 'measuring the unit of stock item with floating conversions' etc. is no more a tedious task with TallyPrime. The flexible units of measure in TallyPrime allows you to manage and quantify the stock the way you want.

Tally ERP 9 Dealer in UAE

Tally Bahrain

Manufacturing Journal - Inventory Management

Record the entire cycle of manufacturing activity using TallyPrime. Record raw materials involved, track godowns from where the raw material is dispatched and their purchase costs. Record the details of finished goods, by-products and scrap yielded.

Tally Prime Support in Abudhabi: +971585848899

Manufacture and Expiry Date Management

Manufacture and expiry date management is crucial for business dealing with products having defined shelf life or short durability.

Credit and Cashflow Management

In TallyPrime, for each invoice, a unique bill reference is automatically generated to manage the outstanding.All you need to do is track the bill on accepting or making payments, and voila, it will be easy for you to track and match invoice, and get to know the pending bills.

Multiple Bill Settlement

Using Bill Settlement option in Tally Prime UAE, You have a faster method to clear a party's bulk payments for multiple pending bills together.

Tally Prime Provider UAE


VAT Return Filing - Taxation

Whether you file VAT returns yourself or share the data with your tax consultant, TallyPrime makes VAT filing simpler for you. The built-in capability of error detection and correction ensures that you file your VAT returns correctly.

Tally Prime Support in Dubai: +971585848899

GCC VAT Compliance

Using TallyPrime, you can easily manage VAT requirements for UAE VAT, Saudi VAT, Bahrain and Oman VAT. Right from generating VAT complaint invoice to return filing, TallyPrime manages all that is required to be VAT compliant while you focus on business growth. The built-in capability of error detection and correction ensures that you file accurate VAT return always.

Tally on Cloud UAE - Access Tally from Anywhere

Overall, Tally.ERP 9 is the perfect solution to accelerate your business growth. We are the Best Tally Dealer in Abu Dhabi, Oman, UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.  Introducing Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.0. Grow your business with secure access to Tally reports, now on web browsers

The Latest version for Tally ERP 9 Software is Tally 3.0

Tally.ERP 9 is the world's fastest and most powerful concurrent Multi-lingual business Accounting and Inventory Management software. Tally Solution, designed exclusively to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, is a fully integrated, affordable and highly reliable software. Built on the proprietary technology of Tally Solutions Dubai - C: MuLATE (Concurrent Multi-lingual Accelerated Technology Engine) - Tally.ERP 9 is a perfect fusion between the path-breaking Concurrent Multi-lingual Platform and an Object-Oriented Database Engine. Technology on which someday all business accounting solutions will be built.

Tally Prime is easy to buy, quick to install, and easy to learn and use. Tally.ERP 9 is designed to automate and integrate all your business operations, such as sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing. With Tally.ERP 9, accurate, up-to-date business information is literally at your fingertips anywhere. The powerful new features and blazing speed and power of Tally.ERP Prime Software combine with enhanced MIS, Multi-lingual, Data Synchronization and Remote capabilities help you simplify all your business processes easily and cost-effectively.

Tally Software Sigle User price is Starting from $630 and Tally Software Multi-User price is Starting From $1890

Tally ERP 9 Dealer | Partner | Consultant in Dubai, UAE, Qatar and Middle East.

We are authorized dealers of Tally in Dubai, Middle East Countries like UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman. We have trained professional engineers with more than 12 years of experience who can give you support, service & troubleshoot your software problems. We are providing AMC's for customers, onsite support, email support, telephone support. etc.

Customize Tally as per your requirement, e.g. Invoice, Delivery Note, Purchase Order, Sale Order, Voucher wise security, Print Logo on Invoice, Bar Code Printing, Cash Control, Credit Control, Advance Security files for Transactions, Vouchers, Stock, Ledgers, Voucher Numbering, Easy Bank Reconciliation, etc. We provide Tally services in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abudhabi, Fujairah and Al ain) also in other Middle East Countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia.etc. We can do almost all customization in Tally, be it is adding new modules, changing existing functions, customizing the formats. etc. we do with much ease. You can contact Emerald Global LLC for Tally ERP Prime Software for Dubai, Bahrain, UAE. Tally Prime, Tally9, Tally ERP, Tally. ERP 9 Dealer in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tally Dubai,Tally dealer in UAE, Tally, Tally.ERP9, ERP Software at Emerald Softwares.


Tally Virtual User (TVU) pack is an instance of accessing Tally.ERP 9 over a virtualized environment through tools like Windows RDP, Windows thin Client, Citrix, or similar technologies. In simple terms, if you use Windows RDP or similar technologies to access Tally.ERP 9, you will require a license having TVU pack entitlement.

Tally UAE Support: +971 58 584 8899

Features of Tally TVU Pack:

  • The customer gets comfort in the form of defined guidelines from TSPL to use Tally through RDP or similar technologies.
  • The customer gets support from Tally Partner and TallyCare on configuring and troubleshooting such environments.
  • Multi-location organizations can operate a single license instead of needing to procure one for each branch. Depending on the situation Tally Partners can recommend the best option.
  • Tally.ERP 9 can always remain open since it is installed on a server. Therefore, users can access Tally.ERP 9 round the clock.
  •  Customer can choose the best method for TVU usage of Tally.ERP 9, on the basis of the experience of operation in these environments


The latest version for Tally Software is Tally ERP 9 - 3.0
Get Tally ERP Upgradation Price in Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi
  • Tally 9 / Tally.ERP 9 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 1260 USD / 4680 AED
  • Tally 7.2 Gold to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 756 USD / 2808 AED
  • Tally 7.2 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Silver: 252 USD / 936 AED
  • Tally 9 Gold to Tally.ERP 9 Gold: 378 USD / 1404 AED
  • Tally 9 Silver to Tally.ERP 9 Silver: 126 USD / 468 AED
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 Tally Prime UAE

Where more than one computer needs to have access to Tally.ERP 9, a Gold edition (Tally ERP 9 Multi User) is what you need. Any number of users can simultaneously have read and write access. Note, that there can be some degradation of performance with a large number of users and we have found that the Gold edition is usable with a maximum of ten users.

Tally ERP 9 Multi-User Price is Starting From: $1890

Like with Silver you can manage as many companies (business entities) and personal books of accounts as you need.

You may also create as many users as you need, and provide each with the appropriate level of security.

With Remote Access, you can authorize access to your Chartered Accountants, who with their Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition, can remotely provide audit, compliance and advisory services.

Similarly, Emerald Global LLC can, via Remote Access, answer your queries and provide support. ( Latest Version for Tally Software is 6.6)

As a Gold user, you can create ten TSS( Tally Software Services) identities, with which your mobile users can log in to your system from home or while on the move. Other users of Tally in the UAE can also grant access to you by authorizing these TSS identities.

Contact Emerald Global LLC for Tally Software TSS Services and Tally Software Renewal Price in Dubai, UAE, Middle East.

Upgrade Tally Single User to Tally Multi-User

It is easy to migrate to Gold from Silver – contact your Tally Partner. Your license will get updated to Gold and you can now access Tally.ERP 9 from multiple systems without the need to make any other changes. 

Get Tally ERP 9 Multi user Support in Dubai, UAE. Ask For Free Download for Tally ERP 9 Multi User Gold Edition. We are Gold Partner for tally Software in Dubai, UAE.

Where a single computer with Tally.ERP 9 is adequate for your operations, the Silver edition ( Tally erp 9 Single User) is what you need. A ‘user’ in this context is actually a computer system.

This edition comes with all the features & capabilities including Tally Software Services like Remote Access.

With Silver, you can manage as many companies (business entities) and personal books of accounts as you need.

You can also create as many users as you need, and provide each with the appropriate level of security. Your only restriction is that these users will all need to access Tally.ERP 9 from the system on which it is activated (licensed).

Since Silver supports Remote Access as well, you can authorize access to your Chartered Accountant, who with his Auditors’ Edition of Tally software Dubai, can remotely provide audit, compliance and advisory services.

Similarly, Emeralds Soft can, via Remote Access, answer your queries and provide support.

As a Silver user, you can create one TSS (Tally Software Services) identity, which you can use to login to your own system from home or while on the move. Other users of Tally Software UAE can also grant access to you by authorizing this TSS identity

Tally.Net Subscription is a service within Tally ERP 9 UAE that provides enhanced capabilities such as product updates, data synchronization within branches and different locations, remote access services, access to support center and control center and various more functionalities in order to help you enhance your business performance.

Your business data stays with you locally and is never stored on Tally.NET servers or on systems accessing that data via Remote Access by creating a Tally.Net login. With the help of this Tally.Net ID, you get unlimited remote edit services and can easily manage your business on the move.

  Support Centre is an excellent feature integrated within Tally ERP 9 Dubai which enables you to report and track queries from within Tally software Bahrain. The queries you post go directly to your regular Tally Service Provider (or any other Tally Service Provider, if it is your first query) and get immediate solutions to all your queries. Your queries can be reported and viewed remotely and you can use the reference number/ ticket number to escalate the issue to Tally’s Customer Centre if required. We are an official Tally Dealer in Dubai, Bahrain, UAE.

Price for TallyPrime TVU Pack Starting from $7.5 Per User.

Ask for Tally TVU Pack Dubai, Bahrain, Al Ain, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, the Middle East at  info@emeraldsoftwares.com

Authorized Tally Dealer and Partner in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

TallyPrime TDL Customization - Tally UAE - Tally Prime UAE

Our Tally customization services ensure that all customers experience the maximum cost-benefit ratio from our products. Our Developing Unit has extensively worked on multiple projects, we have developed some general modules which are mostly required by all industry types. Our Modules are upgraded & Updated from time to time, suiting the current corporate culture, accounting, and scenario. These Module customizations are well-defined files that are integrated into your Tally Bahrain Systems. These Modules have been specially tailor-made to suit specific requirements in the financial management structure and general accounting. Some might be just tailor-made req for your Organization.

Dedicated Customizations

At Emerald Global LLC, we work for your enterprise empathically, this allows us to settle with nothing but the most suitable and efficient solutions.
We are always willing to provide the best we have, Our Team’s suggestions, Our Inputs, Our feedback will immensely solve the most complex matters in financial accounting,

  • Taxation,
  • Payroll,
  • Stocks,
  • Remote systems or
  • Synchronization

Dedicated Customization is immensely suited to provide a complete solution to any issue in the financial management of the organization. This type of Customization is the troubleshooter to all industry types. In Dedicated customization, we work on your enterprise's project considering the gravity of the mismanagement and providing the best output.

This targets the specific requirement as we initiate after understanding the complete scenario. It will be evident that through dedicated customization, we can bring about a level where your Tally Dubai Software is customized to such an extent so as to provide the best output you may desire. It is the best Accounting Software in Dubai, UAE

We are happy to announce that we are launching new custom made modules and functions which can enhance your user experience with Tally Solution UAE. These new custom modules have been made after a long intense discussion with our existing customers whose feedback has been a driving force for achieving this success. These new modules have been segregated into different groups like Accounting Management, Inventory Management, Security Management, General Features.

Tally Solution UAE


  • Cost Center Balance Sheet Report
  • Cost Center Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cost Center in Trial Balance Statement
  • Month-wise Outstanding Statement with LPO Number
  • Salesman Module
Tally Solution Dubai


  • Monthly Sales Summary Report
  • Negative Stock Control
  • Last Selling Price in Sales Voucher
  • Last Purchase/Avg cost in Sales Voucher
  • Selling Price below Cost Price Control
Tally ERP 9 Dealer in Dubai


  • Voucher Type Security Control
  • Voucher Authorization Module
  • Account Group Security Control
  • Ledger Security Control
  • Cost Center Security Control
  • Godown/Location Security Control
  • Hiding of Cost price for Inventory users
  • Delete/Cancel Voucher control for users
  • Backup/Restore control for users
Tally ERP 9 Dealer in UAE


  • DashBoard for CEO
  • System Date as Voucher date at the time of entry
  • Advance Voucher Number Control
  • Grid Line in reports
  • Voucher Template customization(PO, Invoice, DO, Receipt/Payment)
  • Documents Image upload
Tally Prime Server 9 Dubai, UAE

Tally. Server 9  offers powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. This server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Tally.Server 9 is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiencies.

Tally Prime Server 9 is a ‘Series A’ Enterprise Class product for medium and large size businesses whose pace of growth requires it to invest in infrastructure that will help them improve their business efficiencies. Tally Server 9 helps enhance the power and control of Tally.ERP 9 Gold users by converting the existing ‘peer-to-peer’ kind of data access to ‘server based’ data management.

The Tally Server 9 technology is built with multi-version concurrency capabilities for providing the most efficient scalability. Requests from every user get equal priority and get solved in parallel with others, rather than sequentially. There is no queuing of access or modification requests and so every user will feel as if he were working with his own local copy or snapshot of data. Tally Prime Server 9 will ensure that the data access/modification by a user is isolated to his/her own snapshot, thus allowing other users to operate smoothly.

In other words, with Tally Server 9, there is essentially no blocking of another user’s tasks, even as new users keep getting added to the system, or because of the types of tasks being performed. It also maintains very high data consistency in the intense use environment. Overall it leads to lower cost of ownership, lower maintenance and higher efficiency of operations for any medium to large business needing an enterprise-grade system.

Tally Prime, Tally Prime UAE, Tally, Tally VAT release, Tally ERP,Tally ERP 3.0, Tally. ERP 9 is the latest ERP offering of the Tally software series.

Tally Support UAE: +971 58 584 8899

Get Tally Support in UAE with just a single call. We do Provide Complete online and onsite Support for Tally (New Tally Prime) ERP 9 Software in UAE and all over the Middle East.  Tally Customer Care UAE, Dubai:  +971 58 584 8899(Tally Support Number Dubai)

We are  an authorized Tally ERP 9 Dealer in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We are the Best Tally Partner in UAE among all.

Tally Dealer in Oman

Emerald Global LLC is an Official Tally Dealer in Oman, with Tally Prime Sales, Customization, Support and VAT Enabled Tally, Updates with Latest VAT Guideline in Oman 2023.

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TallyPrime Release 3.0 . - Tally UAE

This is available to download on our website and all interested customers can download and start experiencing the product before launch. The purpose of this public beta is for more and more customers to experience the product, share their valuable feedback with us which will help us launch the product confidently. The purpose of BETA release is to give our customers an early preview of what to expect in this release and allow them to experience it first hand. However, we will have a final release in a few days from now. It is important that you install the final release as and when it is available. at  info@emeraldsoftwares.com

Powerful reports which can be personalized at the click of a button with ‘Save View’

A much better Tally reports on browser experience

TallyPrime Release 3.0

Tally FAQ's

Konw More about Tally ERP 9 and New Tally Prime
  • 1. What is the use of Tally?
    Tally ERP 9 is an accounting software that is capable of handling the accounts, report generation, inventory management, Warehouse management and many other financial functions that can benefit the company. It is known for its easy navigation and robust software implementation that will help the company maintain records and accounts.
  • 2. Which companies use tally in the middle east?
    Tally is widely used by trading companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The features that it provides are beneficial to trading companies at large.
  • 3. In which field is tally used?
    Tally is used for all types of accounting fields. But it is mainly used in trading sector and by trading companies because of its features and reports that it generates and offers.
  • 4. What are the main features of tally?
    • Simple Accounting Interface
    • Reporting features
    • Trading (Inventory Management)
    • Order Management
    • Bill of Materials
    • Inventory grouping
    • Manufacturing Journal
    • Warehouse Management
    • HR Department functionality
    • Payroll
    • Order Management
  • 5. What is the full form of Tally ERP 9?
    Tally ERP 9 stands for Tally Enterprise Resource Planning 9.
  • 6. Is Tally used in Dubai?
    Yes, Tally is used widely in Dubai and across UAE by many companies and organization.
  • 7. Is Tally used in UAE?
    Yes, Tally is used by many companies and institutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and all other Emirates.
  • 8. Does Tally support VAT in UAE?
    Yes, Tally supports VAT and generates the reports and invoices based on the FTA guidelines and rules in UAE.
  • 9. What is Tally Virtual User (TVU) pack of Tally.ERP 9 License?

Special Offer awaiting just for you.