7 Strategies for Managing Remote Employees

Strategies for Managing Remote Employees| HRMS Software

Along with other technologies, the internet has made remote working a reality for employees. In today’s modern world, it has completely revised the way businesses operate. However, it has changed one of the greatest competitive strengths in the business world. With today's working style, companies can hire talent from any part of the world. Nowadays, we are so connected with the world that we don’t even need to leave our comfort zones to get the work done. We can get the job done at our fingertips. All over the world, modern-day job seekers and businesses are adopting the same strategy in the form of virtual teams. If you don't know, the virtual team is a team of remote workers entirely. It is a group of employees who are geographically scattered across different locations sharing information and cooperating in real-time using various technology tools such as Human Resource Management System Software (HRMS software). That is why managing employees in the form of virtual teams can be stressful for any manager. However, overall the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

So, if you’re struggling with this remote work thing, then here are some strategies to manage remote employees that will help you craft a fantastic team, irrespective of their location.

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1) Leverage Technology

Since teams aren’t working together in a co-located office, it is important to use the right kind of technologies to make the work environment smooth and cheerful. Among various tools, it is most important to have a proper technique such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and more for creating a communication schedule. Besides that, for quick calling and task management, virtual phone systems centered on cloud technology can be used.

These technologies keep your communication a lot more organized manner. Since the previously discussed points are being recorded in these systems, it becomes easier for new people when they join. However, doing all this work with different tools can be overwhelming. That is why HRMS Software provides you with all the benefits in a single interface.

2) Promote Remote Team Building

As a virtual team manager, promoting remote team building requires constant effort on your part. It’s not an overnight process and it won’t happen naturally. However, one of the best and easy ideas for team building is a daily video stand-up. In this, the team can share their professional thoughts as well as their personal life.

It will create a strong and long-term relationship with the team. Besides that, it also puts people in the right mindset and contributes to setting up an achievable professional goal. To fulfill this need of the team, Human Resource Management System is the perfect tool that will boost your business performance with high productivity and simplicity.

3) Make the Company's Expectations Clear

While managing virtual teams, it is not the best way to simply tell verbally someone to do a particular task. It is always better to put your expectations into writing exactly. Explain what you expect from your virtual employees including availability, response times, work deadlines, and work hours. Besides that, you can also include small details that are specific to your business.

By doing all these things, it will be easier for the employees to understand what needs to be done and how to achieve it. When working with virtual employees, can cause a lot of trouble in so many ways. However, to avoid such difficulties, organizations use HR software nowadays. It is the one-stop solution for every organization.

4) Track Working Hours

It becomes difficult for a manager in a flexible environment to find out how many hours team members are working. In this case, the HR teams need to track the work hours of the employees by using the software. And, what can be better software than HR Payroll software? It will make sure that your team members are working on the tasks at hand.

With some advanced software, you can also see which websites team members are visiting, what projects they are working on, how much time they are spending, and even using what applications. It helps the HR team to dig deep into the situation and make employees work in a remote work environment as well.

5) Trust Your Employees

To cultivate and encourage an environment of trust within the organization, the team leader needs to give team members the benefit of the doubt. Give them proper space to speak openly and discuss individual ideas. While having conversations, employees should feel comfortable where they can be honest. This will help build strong relationships between the employer and the employee no matter which part of the globe they are located in.

6) Communication is the Key

We all know that communication is the key to personal as well as professional life. More communication means fewer confusions and more trust-building. It also adds to the broader success of the organization in the long run. The individual may overthink the quality of their work judged, but effective communication can solve this problem for the employees.

In the time, when everybody is working isolated from their homes, communication is the most essential part of any organization. Sine HRMS Software is designed for easy use & management resources, it helps to increase this communication chain effectively and efficiently.

7) Initiate Rewards & Recognition

You must have heard the quote - No good deed should go unrewarded. That is why rewards and recognition should surely be introduced in every organization. It will keep your team motivated and will inspire them to work harder. Getting up personally and praising your employees when they do something well is a gesture every employee seeks. Remote employees work just as hard as on-site employees. And that is why they too need the same rewards and recognition, if not more.


Going from an in-office staff to a fully remote team has been very tough for employees as well as employers. Even though managing a remote team is quite fun, it comes with its challenges at the same time. Regardless, it has been rewarding for many companies across the globe. Growing your staff and reaching out for new talent is admirable. It helps you create the team you need to take your business to the next level.

However, to make sure that all these strategies work effectively and efficiently in your organization, it is important to use the best tool that offers all these benefits. And, nothing can be better than Emerald Software's HRMS Software which is designed for easy use & management resources. Undoubtedly, it will boost your business performance with high productivity and simplicity.


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