In this digital age, it is needed to adopt new methods and techniques to work more efficiently and faster in-order to keep up the pace with the fast moving market. As HR department plays a vital role in the progress of your company, it is needed that they also upgrade to a digital platform to do all their HR duties. An HRMS Software UAE can make your business more profitable and successful by reducing the load on the HR team by processing the manual paper work and other miscellaneous calculations

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HR and Payroll Software

A traditional HR software Solutions UAE can only perform a few basic tasks, but with our HRMS solution you can have many benefits with features like: :

  • Payroll management module

  • Recruitment management module

  • Benefits administration

  • Employee Self Service

  • Employee Scheduling

  • Analytics Module

Easy HR Software UAE | Easy HR Software Dubai - Elate HRMS

With the help of our Best HRMS in Dubai you can store all your data on cloud as a backup file and can securely retrieve it from any mobile device. This HRMS software Dubai is suitable to be used irrespective of the size of the organization, from small scale to large conglomerates. At Best ERP Software we provide this HR Software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. We give HR payroll software UAE and other management software at the best price on the market. We also provide solutions for HR software for small business, HRMS for small business and HR payroll software Dubai for small to medium size business. We deliver solutions for Payroll software UAE, HR software UAE, HR and Payroll software Dubai, UAE.

Manage your Employee Database with HR management system

Elate HRMS is the right tool to help you to manage and control all the vital information of your employees and talent pool. To assign projects and team members with the team leader, this software is very essential and has all the functions to do so. This software has the potential to collect all the important data of your employees in an organized manner and remind you of various events and occasions that need to be notified.

Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE for Small Businesses

Developed and customized in UAE, this software follows all the rules and compensations that each person should get and manage the costs of your employees. It also calculated the credits, debits, loans and other accounts of each employee for salary processing. Ease your load and other repetitive duties with the help of this HRMS software and payroll software program.

Human Resource management Software

This HRMS is ideal to be used by small businesses and medium-sized businesses as it is simple and easy to use and learn. As this software solution is on Cloud, all you need is to access it from your mobile device in your pocket or from your laptop. Small businesses that contract labourers and want to keep a track of it can benefit from this software. Track your employee's attendance, leaves, timesheets, overtime, and other activities.

Employee Self Service Portal - Easy HR Software UAE

This is a website portal through which your employees can notify you about the leaves and other important notifications. The cloud access helps the employees to stay ahead of the day and responsibilities and other important notices about holidays. Employees can submit grievances and complains in the office directly to the HR team so that you can take the needed action before the problem takes a turn for the worse. ESS portal also helps you to keep in touch with your employees and ensure the welfare of the employees at all times.

It is recommended as Best HR and Payroll Software for 2019 and it's now most searching as a Best HR and Payroll Software for 2020 in Dubai, UAE

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