Four Ways ERP Helps Improve Customer Service

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We are all familiar with the age-old adage, "The customer is always right." Today, this saying holds more truth than ever, as customers have an abundance of options at their disposal. Historically, businesses, particularly those operating in asset-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, and high technology, have turned to enterprise resource planning or ERP software solutions to bolster customer service and optimize internal business processes.

The rationale behind this strategic move is clear. Enhancing internal business processes not only fosters cost savings through increased efficiency and heightened productivity but also contributes significantly to the improvement of customer service. Many companies are now implementing ERP systems with the dual objective of refining their business operations and catering to the evolving needs and preferences of their customers.

Benefits of ERP in customer retention

Thriving businesses in today's competitive landscape comprehend the indispensable role of modern technology in achieving streamlined operations and maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Contemporary consumers are empowered with choices, and if they find their current service lacking, they will readily seek alternative providers.

Modern ERP systems play a pivotal role in customer retention by:

  • Streamlining the efficiency of backend business processes.
  • Aligning supply with customer demand.
  • Enhancing the user experience.
  • Providing easy access to the information necessary for superior customer service.

Optimizing Back-End Business Operations

An ERP system offers several advantages to companies, including accelerated customer deliveries, enhanced productivity, and effective inventory management. In addition, a contemporary ERP system facilitates improved customer interactions by ensuring reliable tracking of leads, opportunities, and quotes. Additional business benefits of ERP encompass:

  • Efficient streamlining of shipping procedures.
  • Strengthened relationships with suppliers.
  • Automation of manual tasks.

Balancing Supply and Demand

A modern ERP system contributes to efficient order fulfillment by linking sales order management to fulfillment management. Users can establish service levels and allocate inventory for customer sales orders. Depending on customer requirements, users can assign:

  • Priority scores for customers.
  • Service level guidelines.
  • Supply locations.

Once these settings are configured for individual customers or groups, the system can automate order fulfillment based on these predefined preferences.

Enhancing User Experience

When back-end business operations are modernized and optimized, customers stand to benefit. Companies equipped with a modern ERP system can enhance their customer service and provide better support by understanding each customer. Their past histories rather help businesses prioritize their most valued customers and automate discounts for long-term clients. Also, improved shipping operations enable reliable order tracking and shipping notifications.

Furthermore, modern ERP systems can seamlessly integrate with tools such as CRM software. They connect the warehouse to a user-friendly online ordering system, thereby simplifying the order placement process for customers.

Facilitating Access to Information for Enhanced Customer Service

ERP systems play a pivotal role in promoting the efficient dissemination of information among internal teams within an organization. With a modern ERP system in place, companies benefit from:

  • Real-time, easily accessible information that is user-friendly, even for non-IT personnel.
  • Seamless integration between front office and warehouse operations.
  • The implementation of vendor scorecards.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, which, in turn, drives customer retention and business expansion.

Understanding the Market

The initial step in elevating customer satisfaction entails gaining a comprehensive understanding of your market. To meet your customers' needs, you must first ascertain what those needs are. Utilizing an ERP solution such as Elate ERP software empowers you to employ machine learning and AI for the analysis of customer data and market trends. It further helps in more accurate market predictions and demand forecasting. Additionally, you can leverage automated surveys to gather direct feedback on your company's services and products from your customers.

Tailored Customer Experiences

In today's market, customers expect personalized experiences. By automating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and integrating your ERP with your e-commerce system, you can analyze customer behavior. Consequently, you can personalize their user experience and communications, and provide specific product recommendations tailored to their preferences.

Consistent Communication

An essential aspect of customer satisfaction revolves around how your company is perceived in terms of responsiveness and communication. While inundating customers with multiple daily emails is excessive, periodic reminders of your company's interest in their business can be beneficial. Promoting sales, new products, or rewards programs through email or social media can prompt customers to re-engage with your company.

Furthermore, effective communication is crucial once a customer has made a purchase from your company. They expect regular updates on shipping progress and swift responses in the event of defects or product returns. An ERP system can automate and even personalize routine communications with your customers, thus freeing up your sales and customer service teams to focus on more value-added tasks.

Exceptional Customer Support

Finally, an indispensable element of achieving customer satisfaction lies in the support provided by your customer service and sales teams. However, the actions of your company's employees directly influence the happiness of customers and the quality of their interactions with your organization. ERP software empowers your employees with complete visibility into the company's operations. It enables them to communicate with transparency and clarity when, for instance, addressing a customer whose order has faced delays. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, ERP equips your employees with the time and data needed to genuinely prioritize customer service.

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