Sage 100: Complete Solution for your Emerging Business

Sage 100: Complete Solution for your Emerging Business

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Manage multiple locations across multiple regions, languages, and currencies. Connect, analyze, and report on multiple business units, subsidiaries, companies and countries within your organization.

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Sage 100 ERP is geared generally toward small and medium industries, traders, and dealers that need to automate procedures, link employees, and improve business perceptions.

Sage 100 Evolution is perfect for businesses that have expanded their current accounting software and need business supervision to gather, store, manage and understand information across the business. It is a tool that organizations require to manage products, orders, clients, funds, and processes. It delivers insights to the companies to provide value to clients and efficiently manage growth. It has customizable core modules in bookkeeping and finance, customer relationship management, HR and payroll, manufacturing, and supply.

There are multiple implementation options for Sage 100. You can start instantly in the cloud, uphold its own on-premise Sage arrangement or leverage a mixture approach. In all cases, the business gets the same cutting-edge features and functions as Sage. It can be easily connected with other Sage and third-party applications through the Sage marketplace. Emerald Softwares is Sage 100 dealers in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE that help businesses manage a wide-ranging range of critical operations with customizable system modules that enable smarter and more efficient work efforts across all stages of the business.


Benefits of Hosting Sage 100

Accounting and Finance

The software helps in enhancing efficiency and productivity through built-in visual process flows. Sage 100 compromises core accounting and financial modules that reorganize everyday tasks. This module contains customizable choices, a user-friendly strategy, and an in-built interface that combine to increase workflow and efficiency.

Business Insights

It helps in attaining increased visibility all through the business to make quicker and well-versed decisions. You can get prompt visibility across the business, lift productivity and develop their reporting with business intelligence functionality that generates complete information.

Business Insights

It helps in attaining increased visibility all through the business to make quicker and well-versed decisions. You can get prompt visibility across the business, lift productivity and develop their reporting with business intelligence functionality that generates complete information.

Sales and Customer Management

Sage 100 supports businesses to manage the sale pipeline, improve client satisfaction by building trustworthiness. Sales agents get comprehensive, updated information every minute to respond to every customer query, together with the accessibility of specific units in the record, item and quantity pricing, and much more.

Purchasing and Supplier Management

You can restructure the complete procuring process from order to delivery. The software can create comprehensive, precise records of every procurement, together with quantities, charges, the identity of who sets an order, and exceptional transport guidelines.

Inventory Management and Warehousing

Sage 100 UAE allows you to control warehouse inventories, which can lessen transport charges, and achieve orders on time. It can track stock precisely and increase client satisfaction.

Why Choose Sage 100 from Emerald Softwares?

Trusted by thousands of customers across the Middle East, Emerald Softwares is one of the leading business solutions and service providers for Sage, ERP CRM, and tally. From start-ups to full-grown businesses, assist the businesses to achieve all business necessities including finances, operations. Our range of software solutions can be deployed and customized that help your businesses to keep up with the digital revolution. We grow with your business as it progresses. Watch Demo for understanding the importance of Sage 100 for your prominent business.


Sage 200 for your Business: Powerful Business Management Solution

Sage 200 for your Business: Powerful Business Management Solution

Sage 200 is powerful software made for small to medium businesses. Sage 200 lets users alter the system to their business process requirements. The software permits you to spend less time on excel and more time analyzing your reporting. Its inter-connected module and inbuilt consolidation tool will assist you to automate and streamline your group reporting to create a more accessible finance function. Emerald Softwares being a Sage 200 dealer offers powerful finance, ERP, and business management software solutions in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE.

Sage 200cloud focuses its efforts on the reckless growing cloud computing (SaaS) accounts software market. Sage 200 is accessible to use in the Cloud for both the Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional versions. Sage 200 Standard is only accessible online via the Cloud and Sage 200 Professional is accessible in the cloud and also as an on-premise account. Sage 200 Evolution has a wide range of features and functionalities, along with several add-on modules permitting the solution to be an accessible, flexible, and strong management tool for an emerging business.

Why should you consider Sage 200?

Control your Finance

It has dominant reporting skills that offer you a variety of ways to make your routine easier. The Sage 200 module gives you the facility to control your procuring by setting budgets.

Streamline the Process

Sage 200′s dominant stock management system, united with project accounting, and manufacturing modules lets you know the true cost, and therefore the turnover of every item. Sage 200 saves you from the stress of assuming it out and offers you many choices when it comes to costing methods.

Optimize Production

Sage 200 compromises a powerful manufacturing solution that assists you to accomplish your entire method from estimating to scheduling and production. The software is integrated with the stock, commercials, financials, and preactor graphical organizer, which benefits you meet your deadlines. It assists you in planning and controlling the production process right from order to despatch.

Ensure Full Traceability

It can manage batch and serial numbered items during the manufacturing process and maintain quality standards. It automatically assigns specific batches or serial numbers to order and knows exactly which batch items make up the final product.

Multilevel Pricing Structure

The software offers a stress-free way to manage a multilevel pricing arrangement. You can even set customer-specific price bands along with quantity breaks, discounts and link them straight to customers.

Why choose Emerald Softwares as your partner?

At Emerald Softwares, we trust in working in partnership with you to convey the perfect solution that your business needs. As a prominent Sage Partner in the Middle East, our approach is to help you make the most of technology to change the way you work. We take the hassle away with effective software such as CRM, ERP Solutions, Quickbooks, and Sage, etc. We are just a phone call away to assist you.

Sage 300: Complete Access to your Business Success

 Sage 300: Complete Access to your Business Success

Sage 300 is powerful, scalable business management software which incorporates all core business functions across your whole company. It allows you access to critical real-time data, allowing you to make faster and enhanced decisions that increase the productivity of your business.

Sage 300 can be installed on-premise or on cloud. Sage 300 ERP associates all business processes in a single integrated Cloud ERP Software. Sage 300 Online supports powerful functionality to meet your definite business needs and business performance.

It lets you work smoother with a wide range of ERP modules and third-party add-on. Thus Sage 300 ERP compromises a complete business solution providing the benefits of a Cloud ERP Software to manage your funds, tasks, and accounts. Emerald Softwares is proud to be a Sage 300 dealer in UAE. We have been associated with Sage for providing outstanding customer service. Together with Sage, Emerald Softwares offers services and solutions to many business verticals in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE.

Sage 300 ERP associates the most significant aspects of your growing business, including financials, project and vendor management, operations and inventory, HR and payroll, sales, marketing, and client service.

Sage 300 Business Management Solutions

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Sage 300 Online

  • It is a seamless solution for small and medium businesses that need a strong financial and business management solution.
  • It offers quick access to the financial information that helps in tracking business performance.
  • Increase customer response times, process cycle time, and employee output with the real-time association.
  • Helps you to make collaboration across your teams efficiently using real-time information.
  • Transform dissimilar data into significant information with powerful analysis and reporting tools.

Sage 300 On Cloud

One can reveal the company’s potential, lessen costs and increase performance with superior business visibility with Sage 300cloud. It helps you connect finance, operations, and inventory in several languages and currencies.

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  • Access an integrated outlook of your business from anywhere on any device. You can make a faster, more informed alliance and decision making with accurate analysis and reporting competencies.
  • It is customer relationship management software that offers increased business visibility.
  • Cleverly manage every phase of the distribution cycle from procuring to sales.
  • Save time and increase the productivity of your team with Office 365 incorporation.
  • You can control widgets and customizable report patterns to report on any acute aspect of your company, so you can appropriately assign your resources and raise productivity.

Why choose Emerald Softwares?

Emerald Softwaress offers high-quality solutions and services for Sage50, Sage 50 US,Sage 50 CA, 100, 200 allowing clients to derive maximum value and profit from approved and state-of-the-art solutions and applications. To know more take a free demo for Sage 300 ERP. Our experts will deliver high-quality support to all your queries and guide you on installation.

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