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Real Estate Property Management Software
Real Estate Property Management Software Dubai

Make things easy with Real Estate Property Management Software Dubai

Commercial Property Management Software has an inbuilt Property Maintenance Management System (PMMS). It completely maps and manages all the maintenance activities of your business. Create tickets based on various requests with the Helpdesk module of Emerald Property Management Software UAE and assign them to the responsible resource. Also, track these tickets till their closure. To access across all operating systems and all devices, Lease Management Software is certified, irrespective of Operating Systems. Real Estate Software UAE is a comprehensive system for real estate vendors.

It simplifies your life as a real estate investor that monitors the financial performance of each and every rental property. Emerald Tenant Management System is accessible across browsers and is issued for any problems/issues on property assets. Through Emails & SMS, users can communicate back to Emerald Real Estate Software. Asset Data such as Insurance, Warranty, AMC, Branch, Cost, Depreciation, and more are captured in the system. Our Property Management Software in the UAE is famous software in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. As per your business requirement, you can manage all functionalities instantly with Property Management Software in UAE.

Lead Management and CRM

Lead Management is an essential component of any successful business. So, Emerald Software offers real estate businesses an effective way to manage leads until they are successfully closed. With our Property CRM software, ensure customer satisfaction and improve business conversion rates. Our real estate CRM software in Dubai provides a range of features, including:

Lead Management: Our software allows you to receive, register, create, analyze, verify, and send proposals. You can negotiate, book, assign resources, and follow up on proposals.

Customer Relationship Management: With our best CRM software in Dubai, you can verify and register customers. Also, renew existing customers, and identify leads for sale or rental. Then offer quotations, negotiate, settle, and close sales leads. Finally, book and confirm units, and manage documents.

Our Property CRM software is the best tool for real estate businesses looking to simplify their lead management and customer relationship management processes. Contact us today to learn more about how our Real Estate software UAE can help your business grow and succeed.

Real Estate Software UAE
Tenant Management Solution Dubai

All-in-One Tenant Management Solution - Real Estate Software Dubai

Looking for rental property management software Dubai that meets all your needs? Look no further than Emerald. Our platform offers advanced features such as tenant screening, online rent collection, maintenance request management, lease document preparation, and secure document storage.

But that's not all - our platform allows you to manage all aspects of your property. That includes property aging, landmarks, amenities available (such as backups, parking facilities, cabins, and meeting rooms), and occupancy levels against each facility. You can also track capital expenditures and operational expenses on the property. Also, ensure that you meet statutory and security compliance requirements.

With us, you can store property-related documents such as agreement copies and registration documents. Also keep property images (both video and still images), building plans, and fire exit plans. Also, our platform includes weekly property inspections and tracking of all queries raised. When combined with our state-of-the-art Asset Management System - you can track all assets available on the property. You can study their maintenance schedules. We understand that managing a rental property can be a complex and challenging task. That's why we've built our tenant management software to be natural and effective.

Components of Real Estate Software in Dubai, UAE

Real Estate Software UAE makes everyday tasks super easy. With amazing components such as lease application approval, maintenance issue resolution, payment handling, and financial updating, the Tenant Management software UAE is always there for you. Deliver the services that residents want and need, backed by incredible features.

Tenant Management

If you're a property manager, you know that tenancy management is an integral part of your job. That's why tenant management software can help you track the ownership history and renew leases/rents without effort. At Emerald, our real estate CRM software in Dubai provides you with the tools you need to manage customers, properties, contracts, leases, and financial details in order.Our software includes a variety of features, such as:

Customer Data Collection: You can easily collect and manage customer information. That includes existing and new customers, legal and identity documents, and building and unit details.

Customer Accounts Management: Manage customer accounts, set payment types (yearly, quarterly, monthly, or custom), and handle cheque payments.

Dashboard Alerts and Notifications: Receive reminders for cheque submissions, reconciliations, payments, and renewals. So you never miss a deadline.

PDC Management and Cash Flow: Our software helps you manage post-dated cheques and study your cash flow.

With our tenant management software UAE, you can streamline your operations, save time, and ensure accuracy.

Real Estate Software in Dubai
Property Management Software Dubai

Property Management

When it comes to property management, our Property Information System is the ideal solution for businesses in the UAE. Our rental property management software Dubai - PMS Software provides you with a complete toolset to manage your properties effectively.

With our software, you can conduct property inspections and track issues that arise during the checking process. This feature helps you stay on top of property maintenance. It ensures that your properties are always in excellent condition.Our PMS software provides you with a range of other features, including:

Workflow management: Define a workflow and streamline your property management processes.

Property information system: Manage your properties, including rent, lease terms, and occupancy rates with ease.

Guaranteed ROI: Maximize your return on investment (ROI) by minimizing vacancies, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.

Facility Management

Facility management software is the ideal solution for businesses looking to simplify their workflow. Our interactive property management software Dubai allows you to manage your facility's entire operation. That includes repair, service, and maintenance programs. One of the key features of our facility management software is the customized workflow and BPM. That allows you to design a workflow that meets your specific needs. This feature ensures that your facility management processes are streamlined, efficient, and effective.

The key features of our facility management software UAE include:

Room/Unit number entry: Enter room or unit numbers into our software, making it easy to keep track of occupancy and availability.

Dashboard notification and alerts: Our software provides you with dashboard notifications and alerts, ensuring that you're always up-to-date on service requests and other important information. You'll receive alerts for service inquiries, so you never miss a request. Track the progress of your service requests with service inspection reports.

Service allocation and repairs: Allocate service requests to the right person and track the progress of repairs.

Service acknowledgment and verification: Real Estate software Dubaiincludes a service acknowledgment and verification system, confirming that you addressed service requests on time. Generate service closure reports, ensuring that you closed service requests properly.

Property management software UAE

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Features of Real Estate Software UAE:

Real Estate Sofwtare

Industry Specific Accounting:

Streamlines bank reconciliations and generates financial reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

Real Estate Software Dubai


Provides property owners, managers, and employees with a versatile and convenient interface for handling appointments.

Real Estate Software UAE

Rate Plan Management:

Allows users to create and assign rate plans and derived rate plans, making reservations easier than before.

Property management Software

Document Management:

Access and store important documents such as lease agreements, official notices, and insurance papers.

Property Management Software Dubai

Property Management:

Managing properties can be made more efficient with the right software. We provide you with the tools you need to get the job done.

Property Management Software UAE

Tenant Management:

Keep track of tenant names, contact details, service and payment history, rent schedules, and plan renewals with a secure tenant database.

Tenant Management


The software ensures secure access to all documents, protecting the sensitive information that comes with renting and leasing property.

Tenant Management System


Customize your reports to your want and provide interactive reports to property owners that meet their specific needs.

Real estate software in Dubai

Real estate software in Dubai for developers.

It’s a real estate management software for developers. Emerald gives you the best Real Estate Software to grow your business. Keep track of client payments and agent performance, sell properties faster at property launches, and advertise your properties on all major portals - all on a single platform. Get up-to-date and stay ahead with Emerald.

Our TMS software offers detailed reports, and the ability to classify them based on category or type. Storing all your documents in one place has never been easier. Our software also helps you to manage your budget versus actual expenses with ease. Track legal compliance and ensure that your property complies with relevant regulations. With our software, you can take control of your property management needs, no matter the size of your organization.

Benefits of Property Management Software Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Looking to expand your property portfolio? Our Property Management Solution allows you to find properties across the country, or even next door, at your own pace. With our simple and unified platform, you can manage five doors or five thousand while still providing the level of service your residents expect. Plus, our software offers many benefits to help grow your organization.

  • ✓ Easy Maintenance Monitoring - Streamline maintenance monitoring with our Property Management Software UAE.
  • ✓ Enhances Calendar Scheduling - Revolutionize calendar scheduling with our advanced features.
  • ✓ Data Tracking - Keep track of your property data with ease.
  • ✓ Better Reporting and Analysis - Get better insights with our powerful reporting and analysis tools.
  • ✓ Making Payments easy for tenants and contracts - Make payments hassle-free for tenants and other services.
  • ✓ Real-time access to information - Get real-time access to crucial information with our software.
  • ✓ Quick Inspection - Conduct quick inspections and save time.
  • ✓ Improved Security - Ensure improved security with our state-of-the-art software.
  • ✓ Tenant Screening - Screen tenants effortlessly with our Tenant Screening feature.
  • ✓ Simplified Backup & Recovery - Simplify backup and recovery processes with our software.
Property Management Software in UAE
Property Management Software Dubai

Comprehensive Property Management Software Dubai

Powerful Property Management Software Dubai: Optimize UAE Real Estate Operations with ease! Manage Property Lease, Financials, and Assets from anywhere in the world, tailored to overcome dynamic challenges in the real estate sector.

Experience the power of TMS (Tenant Management Software UAE) with its adaptable data structure, seamlessly fitting your business needs. Benefit from potent web tools that enable swift online deployment at a cost-effective model. At Emerald, we prioritize the security of your valuable data, ensuring it stays within your premises through our carefully architected solution.

Discover a swift and dependable platform, catering to all your analytical requirements and generating reports when needed. Get in touch now to inquire about the best-priced rental property management software in UAE.

TMS Dashboard

Within the Tenant Management Software dashboard, access a convenient search view to find building size and types. Discover the occupancy percentage, both occupied and unoccupied spaces. Gain a comprehensive overview of payment status, including pending, bounced, on hold, cleared, and canceled transactions. Stay informed and in control of your property management with this detailed dashboard.

Stay on top of your property management tasks with the user-friendly reminders section in the dashboard. Access notifications, track expired contracts, and manage check-out requests effortlessly. Never miss a crucial update and efficiently handle all your property-related activities.

Our software is tailor-made to streamline and flawlessly manage all real estate business activities. From promotion to organization, it's designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the sector.

Tenant Management Software UAE
TMS Dubai

Seamless Tenant Check

Within Tenant Management Software UAE, the tenant check-in component allows you to effortlessly select the tenant, building, and apartment, along with specifying the receipt date. Additionally, you can input the referrer number, dates, and total rent for a comprehensive and streamlined check-in process.

Simplify payment management with our comprehensive feature. Easily select payment type, mode, date, name, cheque number, bank, and amount. Conveniently attach necessary images to streamline the process.

An all-inclusive software that provides excellent support for your company and offers cost-effective solutions.

Check Out

In TMS's checkout area, find fresh check-out requests. Select the renter, requested date, and check-out date effortlessly. The payment area displays any unpaid balance between total rent and rent received. You can also opt for additional payment options and view their kind, description, and amount. Simplify the check-out process with these user-friendly features.

In the final payment section, find four sections: payable amount, receivable amount, paid amount, and amount received. Clearing mode options include payment clearance, final bill and clearance, unit inspection, and landlord NOC. Add remarks in the designated area for additional details. Simplify the final payment process with these convenient features.

TMS Software UAE
CRM Dubai

Expense Entry feature

Simplify expense recording with TMS software. Select building, unit, tenant, date, and expense type (maintenance, insurance, utility charges, taxes). Add expense amount and remarks for easy tracking. Effortlessly record all expenses with this user-friendly feature.


Effortlessly generate reports for tenants, buildings, and units using our user-friendly reporting tool. Record rental agreement dates, view total rent due, and outstanding payments. Simplify your reporting process with this feature. Additionally, our tenant management system in Dubai empowers real estate brokers and agents, facilitating efficient client management and business growth.

Mastering Property Management: Buildings and Units Simplified

Buildings: In the master area, conveniently add details for a new building, including building name, location, address, flat, and premise numbers. Use this function to record information for any building available for rental. The master feature offers two options: "New Buildings" to add information and "All Buildings" to access details about existing buildings. Simplify building management with this user-friendly feature.

Units: You can add information about new units using this option. Also you can enter the address and location, you may add it here.

Reminder: Stay Informed with Reminders: Expiring Contracts, Expired Contracts, and Check-Out Requests.

Centralized Notifications: View Contract Expirations and Expired Contracts with Tenant Details

Property management software in Dubai
Real Estate Software UAE

Master - Tenant - Expense types

Tenant: You can manage the details of new tenants by adding their names using this master option. With the use of this program, you may manage every renter and their data without having to keep track of them all by memory.

Expense types: Property management expenses include property management, taxes, maintenance, insurance, and utility charges.

They also include costs incurred in managing the underlying asset. In this section, you may keep track of all these expenses.

Easy & Smart Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE

Top-notch Property Management Software for Dubai, Ajman, and UAE - Streamlining PMS and CRM Software Dubai i.e CRM for Properties. This a Property Management System in Dubai including apartments, villas, hotels, land, and buildings. Leading the Real Estate and Property Management sogftware in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East.

Tailored and User-Friendly Property Management Software for Landlords and Real Estate Agents. Effortlessly handle property rentals, sales, tenants, and maintenance. Enjoy a comprehensive solution with all-in-one property management software. Get started quickly with flexibility and ease of use. Ensure data consistency across your operations. Suitable for Retail, Commercial (commercial property management software), and Industrial industries.

Property Management Software in Dubai, UAE
Property Management Software for Small Landlords

Property Management Software for Small Landlords

Optimize Property Management in Dubai, UAE with the Right Software: Seamlessly Handle Security Deposits, Tenant Payments, and Documentation.

Emerald PMS/TMS: Comprehensive Real Estate Management Software for Construction Companies and Property Owners in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi). Empower your business with advanced modules for efficient management. Streamline accounts, contacts, leads, sales orders, and more with this powerful real estate software.

Emerald Global LLC is a global IT trading company dealing with Accounting Softwares like Tally UAE, QuickBooks online UAE, QuickBooks UAE, CRM, HR and Payroll, ERP, Cheque printing software, POS, Hardware’s & Web Designing and Web Development in Dubai, UAE and all over the Middle East. we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals by helping them to overcome the day-to-day business challenges so that they can do the business at an extreme height.

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