Top 10 Property Management Software Dubai, UAE 2023

What is Property Management Software?

 Property Management Software (PMS) is a piece of software used to manage commercial and residential rental properties and hospitality establishments. Local government, manufacturing, and other businesses all use PMS.

secondly, the traditional real estate market has advanced thanks to digital innovation in the sector.

Also, With the recent advancements in technology, buyers may now quickly and easily search for and buy a new property using their smartphones.

especially, Local government, manufacturing, and other businesses all use PMS.

Also, Property Management Software is also called real Estate Management Software.


And Sellers can also sell their homes and get the greatest price.

But on the flip side of every transaction, it’s essential to properly meet the administrative requirements of the owners and investors in a range of real estate purchases.

Additionally, new-generation real estate software reduces the administrative burdens faced by real estate firms worldwide.

Let’s have a look at property management software in UAE

1. Pact Business Solutions

Mainly, It is the most widely used property management software for renting out, subletting, selling, brokering, upkeep, and much more.

Also, it is one of the most well-liked programs for property management, subleasing, sales, brokerage, and also maintenance management.

especially, Pact maintains both accounts and properties simultaneously.

Mainly, Numerous contract types, including those for leasing, sales, and the purchase of property, can be automatically established and managed during the term of the agreement with the help of the program.

thereafter, With valuable features like consolidated information, SMS and email reminders, tenancy contracts, sales, rental quotations, and more.


  • Tenant Master
  • Unit Bookings
  • Multi-year Contracts
  • Reminders About Due Receivables via SMS & Email

2. Elate Property Management Software

Elate Property Management Software guarantees improved reflection of their engaged and also vacant organizations.

Secondly, is that it is made to accommodate an organization’s needs for real estate operations that may be tailored to be completed from any location in the world.

thirdly, To solve the complex real estate industry’s problems, property management software includes tools for leasing property, managing finances, and managing assets.

It is one of the best programs and offers a desirable feature for dealing with inquiries and complaints from tenants.

Additionally, its unique structure that conforms to your business and efficient web tools enables businesses to go online quickly and with the least expensive model.

Moreover, Property management software is an all-in-one solution and offers several advantages to all parties concerned.

It’s crucial to remember that property management software has advantages for owners, tenants, and contractors.

Also This necessitates thorough and consistent property evaluation.


  • Dashboard
  • Check-in
  • Check out
  • Master
  • Reminder
  • Expense entry
  • Search
  • Report
  • Search
  • Notification


  • Keep-Up with Tenants
  • Stay On Top of Needs
  • Use as a CRM
  • Send Important Reminders
  • Easy to Use
  • Analytics
  • Customization
  • Integration


  • No major cons

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3. Sunsmart

The movement of any tangible papers about properties can be tracked at any time with the use of Sunsmart Property Management Software in Dubai.

Also, Create creative rental property listings that provide the information tenants need.

Investors in rental properties can benefit from an integrated solution that aids property managers in generating financial reports, managing tenants, and syncing bank accounts.


  • Industry-specific accounting
  • Calendar
  • Document management
  • Reporting
  • Alert and notification

4. Letosys software

And another thing is that the software applications from Letosys aim to combine business processes from diverse departments of a company into a unified system of information that serves as a platform for smooth communication across the organization and helps the business thrive.

secondly, Letosys Property Management Software ensures that real estate businesses run profitably by providing the customer with analytical information systems for reducing costs across the board.

Additionally, Depending on the objectives and goals of your organization, Letosys Property Management Software’s many modules can be connected to function together.

More modules can be added to the solutions as enterprises expand and grow.


  1. Property & Units Manager
  2. Sales Enquiry Management
  3. Property Booking
  4. Tenant Management

5. Focussoftnet

One of the most cutting-edge ERP systems available today, Focussoftnet’s ERP system includes cloud-based integrated modules and advanced real estate management software for the UAE.

Mainly, Real estate ERP software that is fully customizable and adaptable can help businesses with their real estate and building-related problems.

Also, Real estate ERP software from Focussoftnet will effectively and efficiently manage your time and resources while also keeping track of all your operations.

Businesses will be able to make prompt judgments that are supported by accurate data with real-time information.

Additionally, Focus Softnet offers technology-based real estate software solutions with thorough modules to control every stage of the transaction from start to finish.


  • Mainly, It Provides real-time data while running efficiently.
  • With the aid of highly automated technologies, there is no need for speculation.
  • And User-friendly smart reports.
  • basically, With sophisticated reporting tools, you can keep track of your cash flow, expenses, and also profits.
  • finally, Improve the way you manage project upgrades, repairs, and renovations so that projects stay on schedule and within budget.

6. Linkinsoft

LinkinSoft’s real estate management systems meet any real estate business’s fundamental and sophisticated requirements.

secondly, The most frequent problems a real estate manager, developer, or broker could encounter are addressed by LinkinSoft.

Additionally, this real estate software is completely customizable and expandable.

Whether you have particular needs or not, LinkinSoft can assist you in successfully managing your real estate enterprises.

Another thing the Linkinsoft Real Estate ERP solution manages the operations of all real estate enterprises, whether they are brokers, developers, or facility managers.

Everything is covered by one solution, from accounting to property management to contract management.

7. OSOS Property Management

OSOS is an excellent property management application for brokers, companies, and private users.

Similarly, a cloud-based alternative to traditional property management systems.

With the best features, technology, and software available, OSOS is very responsive and has smooth software integration.

To accommodate the diverse needs of the company, the software is provided in several packages.

Also, With OSOS, you can control all of your income from rent as well as your expenditures.

You can quickly get in touch with your tenants, keep track of their needs and complaints, and remind them as necessary.

8. Avail

firstly, Avail offers software choices for the self-taught landlord.

Additionally, The group offers a comprehensive set of tools and instructional resources to help small investors become knowledgeable and secure landlords.

Also, There are two price tiers for the Avail landlord software.


  1. Online rent payments
  2. Work order management
  3. Tenant screening
  4. Automatic listings


SimplifyEm is a fantastic option if your main goal is to find an accounting program for managing your properties.

Also, With a few unique features, such as payment reminders, SimplifyEM primarily makes tracking and collecting rent easier.

secondly, In contrast to other property management software solutions, their free trial version of the software enables you to utilize the complete application for a brief period without providing any sensitive information.

Especially, For landlords who require assistance managing a few properties but don’t want to fork over the expensive price of other software solutions, SimplifyEm, developed by real estate professionals, is a perfect choice.

then It achieves the ideal balance between price and features.

Each package includes things like renters insurance, tenant and other management reports, tracking of spending and income, email and phone support, and more.

Mainly, Landlords can efficiently manage their rental properties with SimplifyEm while also saving time and money.

Users can also keep track of their income and expenses, collect rent and rental application information online, and screen possible tenants.

Besides, Make and analyze owner reports, manage maintenance requests, preserve documents, and automate repetitive tasks with this software.

Finally, You can use it immediately because it is cloud-based.


  1. Robust accounting features
  2. QuickBooks integration
  3. Reminders
  4. Automated rent payments

10. CORAL Business Solutions

Basically, With more than 16 years of experience in ERP solutions, Coral Business Solutions provides one of the best ERP solutions for real estate management in the UAE.

And, Thanks to its connectivity with other corporate resources and also sophisticated business insights, the Real Estate ERP can readily predict market trends and help in planning and improving real estate operations.

Generally, The first feature of real estate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is property sales.

The rental industry.

  • Tenant and customer supervision.
  • Managing rental and sales agreements.
  • Dispensing building details.
  • Accounting.

Especially, Producing reports and analytics, which together help create an enterprise solution that is streamlined for a simple user experience.

Select the best ERP software for your business and start shining.

The above-given software is listed according to features, not by ranking.


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